Promoting participation in community development

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This three-volume set from Community Partnership centre (CPC) includes a participant's journal, a facilitator's handbook, and a facilitatorÆs resource guide. It describes and outlines the process for developing a CPC Citizen Learning Team and promoting participation in sustainable community development efforts. The model facilitates the community participation in the identification, evaluation and monitoring of community concerns. The participantÆs journal is designed to be used during work in a Learning Team divided into phases, where each phase begins with a question that provides an objective for team members to follow. The facilitatorÆs handbook is intended both for trained researchers and community members who wish to facilitate participation in the community development process, giving an introduction to the CPC evolving model for participatory community development research and practice. It goes through this process giving advice to prospective facilitators, phase-by-phase and providing general tips on meeting facilitation. The facilitatorÆs resource guide provides brief articles and other information sources such as internet links, relating to the topics of each phase. The phases in the project are divided as follows: how to work together and define goals; rationale and selection of what to learn; sourcing information and knowledge; action planning; evaluation and updating of the learning agenda; and visions for the future.

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In 3 vols entitled: Facilitator's handbook; Resource guide; Participant's journal
The Center
Community Partnership Center, University of Tennessee, 410 Aconda Court, Knoxville, TN 37996-0645, USA
Knoxville, Tenn.
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The Center

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