Promotion of people's participation and role of PPF-Bangladesh

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Bangladesh has undergone many development phases and Bangladeshi NGOs are continually revising and searching for alternative strategies and approaches according to the latest trend. The issue of sustainable development has become key to many NGOs - consequently, so has people's participation which plays a large part in promoting and ensuring sustainability.
This paper - a PRA Promoter's Forum (PPF) publication - provides a general discussion of the use of participatory tools and techniques in Bangladesh, identifying specific uses for PRA in different sectors. It goes on to outline some issues within participation, which are yet to be solved, such as ensuring local agendas have priority over donors agenda and developing PRA material in the local language. Lastly, it describes the role of PPF in promoting people's participation and sets out PPFs objectives.

PRA Promoter's Forum - Bangladesh, I/3, Kazi Islam Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
Regional PRA workshop
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Islamabad, 3-7 June 2000

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