The rainbow encirling the people: an African guide to democracy

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This is the fourth in a series of books on civic education and democracy building published by the Africa Community Publishing and Development trust. It is conceptualised by the community publishing process, which combines democratic ideas with local knowledge and creativity, and uses participatory methods. It is collectively authored by over 3,500 citizens living in rural Zimbabwean communities. Participants explore a concept of democracy for Africa which is inclusive and multifaceted, encompassing many spheres of life, and in stark contrast to global capitalist models; and how it might be put into practice. They draw on a wealth of material from present and former thinkers on human progress - Gandhi and Chomsky, literary sources, and UN statistics. The discussion topics of the book is divided into six sections on the definition of democracy; ideas on democracy from African history, tradition and experience; ideas on democracy from international experience; characteristics of democratic organisations; common problems in relation to democracy; and strategies to strengthen democracy. Its co-authors adopt a variety of media to illustrate their thinking: political cartoons and illustrations, sculpture and poetry. The publication is aimed at grassroots community workers, and national and international development activists, and includes a facilitator's guide for workshops.

215 p.
Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust, P.O. Box 7250, Harare, Zimbabwe
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