Rapid appraisal of health and nutrition in a PHC project in Pahou, Benin : methods and results

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Two RRAs were carried out by interdisciplinary teams over a period of five weeks in two areas of Benin where malnutrition was considered a problem "this mixture proved effective, permitting not only a comprehensive analysis of the problem, but also comprehensive remedial action". Chapter 1 describes RRA techniques in nutrition and health, Chapter 2 is focused on the methodology employed, Chapter 3 discusses the findings, Chapter 4 compares the RRA results with those obtained from three quantitative studies. In Chapter 5, the methodology used in the two RRAs is reassessed and recommendations are made to researchers and development workers who want to follow a similar approach.

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This study will be of interest to health workers planning to conduct a detailed RRA not just in Africa. The methodological clarity and comparison of qualitative and quantitative techniques will be of interest to health researchers.
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PDSP series, 2b
110 p.
Royal Tropical Institute
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam
IIED/IDS J3|BLDS (isn 102674) monograph shelf location: CENTRE REGIONAL POUR LA DEVELOPPEMENT ET LA SANTE [BENIN]. Rapid appraisal of health and nutrition ...
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Royal Tropical Institute