Report of the Participatory Rapid Appraisal on Women in the Gaza Strip: Evaluation Report

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A three day training workshop and three weeks of fieldwork were conducted by a team of nine women in two parts (one typically urban and the other typically rural) of the Gaza Strip. The purpose was to understand the social and economic roles of women better, to obtain more information on women's projects and teach PRA methods to other women. A wide range of PRA tools were used. The PRA covered all aspects of women's socio-economic wellbeing including health. In the urban areas, health problems include the psychological and physical stress consistent with exposure to military activities. Possible development alternatives are discussed and ranked: a health clinic is the first of four alternatives in the rural area and the third of seven in the urban area

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Although only a small part of this study is concerned directly with health, it is a clear and comprehensive account of how health is related to other socio-economic circumstances. This excellent report will be of interest to a wide audience of gender researchers, health practitioners and trainers in the Middle East and NGOs working in conflict prone environments.
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