Review and reflection

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This collection of lessons from the field brings together the experiences of ActionAid's newly adopted approach to annual reviews: participatory reviews and reflections. These processes allow communities to challenge the organisation over the way money is raised and spent, the ability to demand greater openness and flexibility, and the possibility of raising rights issues. Review and reflection is a key part of ActionAid's 'accountability, learning and planning' system (ALPS), which makes accountability to the poor and marginalised central. The key principles of ALPS are explored through case studies presented of on-going projects in India and Africa, and include: " Strengthening ActionAid's main accountability to the people they target and work with; " Strengthening commitment to gender equity; " Making information relevant and useful to the people who use produce it, receive it, and who need to make decisions; " The information provider must receive feedback; " Making the best use of staff time by cutting down on the amount of written information needed; " Relating financial expenditure to programme quality; " Promoting critical learning that enables the organisation to learn from their successes and failures.

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IA exchanges
Special issue, Sep 2001
ActionAid, Hamlyn House, Archway. London. N19 5PG.UK
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