A review of participatory work on poverty and illbeing : consultations with the poor

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This synthesis and review of participatory work on illbeing and poverty is part of the "Consultations with the Poor" project, which has undertaken to work with poor people in 23 countries to dsicover their perspective on four key themes: illbeing and wellbeing, problems and priorities, institutional relationships and gender. It examines participatory work undertken outside of national level participatory poverty assessments and represents some of the work on illbeing and poverty carried out by NGOs, research institutes and advocacy organisations. The collection of work repeatedly shows that, from the perspectives of poor people, context-specific livelihood issues and their dynamics at both the inter- and intra-household levels are central to the experience of poverty, and to identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to leave it behind.

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Prepared for the Global Synthesis Workshop, September 22 - 23, 1999, Poverty Group, PREM, World Bank
69 p.
World Bank
Patti Petesch, PRMPO, The World Bank, MC4-590, 1818 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20433, USA
Washington, DC
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