Reviewing a Rapid Socio-Anthropological Technique That Drew on Participatory Assessment (PRA) to Understand Coping Strategies in Darfur

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This paper addresses the issue of using rapid socio- anthropological techniques to understand coping strategies, based on work conducted by SCF(UK) during 1992 in Darfur, Sudan. It begins with a general background to Darfur and definitions of the terms used, and then looks specifically at the Coping Strategies Research Project (CSRP) in Darfur. SCF(UK) hoped that this project would identify the range of coping strategies used, in order to improve their relief operation planning as well as longer term development projects. A number of rapid data collection techniques are used, including semi-structured interviews, use of key informants and group discussions. Data from these were used to construct historical profiles, seasonal calendars, daily routine diagrams, and preference and wealth ranking. Finally problems, constraints, weaknesses and strengths are put forward, with lessons learnt and suggestions for improvement.

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May be of interest to researchers concerned with specific techniques.
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University of Khartoum
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University of Khartoum

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