The Source from which rivers flow: organising for local governance, poverty reduction and development

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This book is about how to strengthen communitiesÆ organising skills, confidence, creativity and relationships. It is designed for citizens and local leaders who are active in local development, but could also be useful to urban residents, councillors and agencies working with communities. It was produced through the community publishing process in Zimbabwe, and was enriched with ideas and examples from citizens and local leaders involved in a pilot programme in Gokwe North, Umzingwane and Maboto called Strengthening Citizen Participation in Local Governance. The book is based on participatory methods and provides question for the reader to reflect on. Although it can be read individually the bok is designed to be read by small groups in study circles, using methods described in the guide. The authors recommend it be used with two other books by ACPD (Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust) called Local Governance and Participation and Peace-building which have important chapters on communication and conflict resolution. The book is divided into ten sections focusing on teamwork; shared leadership; meeting for a purpose; research and writing; choosing priorities and analysing problems; decision making; planning; community participation in financial management; supervising, monitoring and evaluation; and co-ordination, negotiation and advocacy. The book also has a guide for facilitators giving tips on how to involve all participants in the group discussions. A very brief bibliography of associated literature is also included.

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