Space to negotiate : how a critical requirement of participatory training is too often ignored

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Initial planning of participatory training courses and workshops often takes place without the involvement of trainers or trainees. 'The agenda is typically set by funding agencies and by the organisations from which trainees will be selected'. There is thus a tension between the 'flexibility that learner-centred training entails and the safety, structure and measurable objectives required by funding organisations'. A process is needed whereby all the 'stakeholders' (including trainers and trainees) can be involved in planning from the start. In particular, the trainers and trainees need ' a space within which to negotiate what the training will be about, how it will proceed and what it can accomplish'.

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This article raises issues around the funding and planning of participatory training programmes which are of relevance to trainers of trainers, trainers and planners.
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Rural Extension Bulletin
AERDD, Reading University