Summary Report for Actionaid on Progress of Community Participation in Government of Karnataka Project

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This provides an update on the particpatory project in water and sanitation undertaken in Karnataka by Actionaid and partners. It details the early development of the programme, the participatory training project staff underwent, and the PRA work carried out. There is an emphasis on mapping, and large group meetings. These provide predominantly extractive information, but also legitimation for the programme. Eight PRA techniques are used in each district, culminating in a planning excercise. The participants and their varying responses are also recorded. This process is then contrasted with the process used by another Actionaid partner, who take a longer term, less forceful approach which incorporates women, for example, more fully, but has other significant drawbacks.

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NGO fieldworkers and planners, also government staff at all levels
ActionAid, Hamlyn House, Archway. London. N19 5PG.UK
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