Surabaya Water Environment Study : an Application of Rapid Urban Appraisal Techniques

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This study suggests a comprehensive strategy for dealing with the problems of environmental sanitation in urban Indonesia. The objectives were: to propose strategies for environmental sanitation which involve and capitalize on local participation; to initiate a process of consultation with local communities aimed at envisaging suitable work approaches acceptable for both beneficiaries and local government institutions. The strategies suggested by the study will be based on: 1) investigation of the behavior and perceptions of urban populations 2) improved understanding of the factors influencing individual and collective choice of water and sanitation options 3) better comprehension of how urban dwellers view the usefulness of the municipal institutions in providing water, sanitation and solid waste services as compared to services provided by the informal sector or by the households themselves 4) an understanding of how the degree of envrionmental awareness varies among groups with different socio-economic characteristics. The study is divided into two parts; first is the Rapid Urban Appraisal (RUA) in the fifteen selected kampungs, second is a detailed interview survey of 800 respondents in the 15 kampungs. This report presents the preliminary findings of the RUA only, including details of group discussions and card games used to rank people's perceptions of environmental problems confronting them.

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This report may be of interest to community and project managers, regional and district level policy makers and planners.
PT Intersys Kelola Maju, Indonesia
Collier & Santoso, PT Intersys Kelola Maju (Consultants), Indonesia
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PT Intersys Kelola Maju, Indonesia