Taking the neighbourhood Initiative - a facilitator's guide

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The Meadowell Estate in North Tyneside was described as a "disaster area, top of the league for crime, vandalism, drug abuse and despair". A facilitator was brought in by the Department of the Environment to help Meadowell residents to evolve their own Plan of Action and to develop the skills they needed. This report describes the whole process of community planning and implementation from 1988 - 91. The participatory methods used are described in detail and examples of materials illustrated. House-to-house surveys using Neighbourhood Talent sheets revealed human resources available locally, then groups ranked their suggested projects in priority using cards. A "Planning for Real" pack took groups through the stages of planning, assessing training needs and finding financial resources. The initial result was a 78% drop in crime and many "self-propelled" community projects. Other resident groups demanded similar planning exercises. A "working relationship between Us and Them (the council)" has now been established, suggesting benefits will be sustained in the long term.

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This detailed account of how and which participatory methods were used to help communities improve their neighbourhoods, would interest planners, community workers and trainers in 'Northern' countries.
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Prepared by The Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation for UK Department of Environment
Department of the Environment
All materials and manuals can be obtained from: Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation, Suite 23 - 25, Horsehay House, Horsehay, Telford TF4 3PY, UK
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Department of the Environment

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