Team Learning from Rapid Rural Appraisal

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It concerns an attempt to describe the origins and process of the "Griffith RRA" approach, developed by staff at Charles Sturt University, and looks at what a team learnt from a specific RRA exercise of this nature, during January 1993. The paper includes a section looking at the methodology of this exercise; the background to the "Griffith RRA" methodology; a look at the results of the analysis; followed by a discussion of its findings. One of the main conclusions of the paper is that researchers using RRA must be prepared to trust and stick to their aims and draw honest insights from qualitative data, rather than looking for quantitative analysis to apply when none was intended at the outset.

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Agriculturalists, researchers and fieldworkers; and those working at the community and project level.
Charles Sturt University, School of Agriculture
School of Agriculture, Charles Sturt University - Riverina, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia
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Charles Sturt University, School of Agriculture

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