Tendrils of hope: PRA in a Nigerian Village

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This report seeks to capture the broad scenario of life in a Nigerian village. The overriding question that the report grapples with is: how the people in the village can be helped along in a manner desired by them in order to fulfil their aspirations and realise their vision of life. It examines how the present state of life in the village has come to be what it is like over recent years, and attempts to probe into the apparent trends of change in the various dimensions of village peopleÆs life. It does this through the objectives of the report which are: to establish the geographical setting of the village in which the processes of life take place; to delineate the physical structure of the village propping up the villagersÆ flux of life; to examine the social system, tradition, religion and culture of the village over a period of time; to trace out the participatory approach and practices built into the social, economic and cultural ethos of the village, and suggest a broad strategy to indigenise these. Lastly, the report makes a describes the emerging scenario as perceived and envisioned by the village people and outside agencies.

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PRAXIS, Institute for Participatory Practices, 12, Pataliputra Colony, Patna-800 013, India
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