Unemployment and health: the development of the use of PRA in identified communities in Staveley, North Derbyshire

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This study in Staveley, an area with high unemployment, aimed to: i) identify & enable people to address the personal risk factors for cardio-vascular diseases ii) enable unemployed workers to discuss health difficulties specific to unemployment iii) promote a greater understanding of the specific health needs of unemployed people Unemployed people and 200 children were interviewed, then key people in the professions of education, health, social services, police, clergy and housing. Video, photos and mapping were used and people "had an opportunity to test their own health by filling in a health profile questionnaire". The various groups' different perceptions of the problems and suggested solutions are analysed. There is a need for "an informed, integrated, inter-agency approach with the involvement of unemployed people in order to respond effectively to the problems of unemployment".

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The applications and brief description of PRA methods carried out in a poor UK community might interest community and health workers, trainers, planners, researchers and policy makers in 'Northern' countries.
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RRA Notes
16 (July)
IIED, 3 Endsleigh Street, London. WC1H 0DD.

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