A Video Report of a Participatory Appraisal Training Workshop in Hull, England

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This video is one product of a participatory appraisal training workshop held in Hull, England. Following classroom-based learning of methods, participants applied these methods to projects in local communities. The first application shown aimed to help a parish council to understand the leisure needs of teenagers to improve the planning of a youth centre (4). The appraisal team met with the parish council to understand what they wanted to know (6). They then met with groups of teenagers on the streets and used mapping, and matrix scoring and ranking methods to elicit their preferences for the design and operation of the proposed youth centre (10). These were then reported to the parish council who also used participatory methods to help them understand the report (19). The second application concerned preferences of shoppers and supermarket staff regarding Christmas opening times (22).

Scottish Participatory Initiatives, 3 Queen Charlotte Lane, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
26 mins

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