Visualisation in Participatory Programmes: how to facilitate and visualise participatory group processes

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This manual has been written for the trained facilitator of group events. It is designed to reinforce concepts and techniques learned in training of facilitators and trainers in participatory group processes. VIPP is not wedded to a particular framework or academic discipline in problem solving, planning or training. Rather it is a set of tools that can be applied to just about any group process as long as the intention is to make such processes more participatory and democratic.
This is a manual for facilitators and trainers involved in:

  • Planning and revising projects and programmes
  • Communication materials development and story-line planning
  • Putting research into action
  • Community-level development work, including pra/pla
  • Training workshops
  • Training of facilitators and trainers
  • Curricula development
  • Running conferences and information markets
  • Management, human-resource planning and team building
  • Business meetings
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