Whose security counts?: participatory research on armed violence and human insecurity in Southeast Asia

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This book considers the real and perceived impacts of small arms misuse on the lives of ordinary people in 5 communities in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Aceh-Indonesia and the Philippines. It considers the role of small arms availability and misuse in a wide spectrum of contexts û from student fraternity violence to resource exploitation and dam-related development to state and insurgency-directed bloodshed. It collates the key findings of these localized studies and highlights, to the extent possible, the voice of the affected populations. The studies highlight the potential of participatory research methods for better understanding the implications of small arms misuse on personal security and its potential for monitoring and evaluating the interventions designed to improve human security and reform the military and police sectors.

55 p.
Small Arms Survey/ Nonviolence International
Small Arms Survey, Ground Floor, Avenue Blanc 47, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland
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Small Arms Survey/ Nonviolence International

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