World Neighbors' experience of going beyond PRA in Kenya

Muthengi, Kimanzi|Spreight, Melanie|Kilalo, Christine
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The paper is a case study of the way that World Neighbors used PRA in a process of community development in one sublocation in Kenya. The paper gives some background as to the practices of World Neighbors, the conditions in the community, and the role of government in the area. It then explains how PRA was used with a representative body at the sublocation level for analysis and planning. The PRA discussions led to development activities that had impacts on the physical well-being of community members, as well as less tangible social effects. The social effects included new modes of operating for the village leadership, changed relationships between community members, and supportive attitudes of local government officials for community led development strategies. The case study raises a number of general strategic choices facing non-governmental organisations using PRA and presents the strengths and weaknesses of the strategies chosen by World Neighbors.

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IDS working paper no. 132
38 p
Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9RE, UK
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Institute of Development Studies