Webinar: Local government leadership in sanitation and hygiene: experiences and learnings

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Webinar: Local government leadership in sanitation and hygiene: experiences and learnings
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Managing soil fertility in the tropics: a resource guide for participatory learning and action research

This Resource Guide is based on extensive work done in several African countries. It is intended to provide user-friendly ways to gather, manage and analyse information and data by applying participatory learning and action research, and to suggest ways to use this knowledge to develop strategies for integrated soil fertility management. It can best be seen as a toolkit.

Monitoring and assessing the impact of participatory research for technology development on soil fertility management in southern Benin.

In response to the failure of over fifteeen years research into soil fertility improvement in the south of Benin, whereby farmers were only involved only at the end of the research process, this document reports on a new more participatory research project started in 1994. The research process began with a topical PRA on soils and cropping systems, followed by a discussion with farmers of a range of potential agronomic principles already tried out elsewhere. Each year farmers tried those they were interested in to compare with ther own traditional practices.

Rapid appraisal of health and nutrition in a PHC project in Pahou, Benin : methods and results

Two RRAs were carried out by interdisciplinary teams over a period of five weeks in two areas of Benin where malnutrition was considered a problem "this mixture proved effective, permitting not only a comprehensive analysis of the problem, but also comprehensive remedial action". Chapter 1 describes RRA techniques in nutrition and health, Chapter 2 is focused on the methodology employed, Chapter 3 discusses the findings, Chapter 4 compares the RRA results with those obtained from three quantitative studies.