Card Writing and Sorting

This versatile technique is often used as part of a participatory sequence. Participants note key points on cards, either in response to a presentation or a particular question, which are then collected and laid out on the ground. The whole group then engages in collective analysis by sorting the cards into different categories. This is a useful method for enabling participation, as many people feel happier writing than talking in front of a large group.

Facilitating workshops for the co-generation of knowledge: 21 tips

This set of tips was written by Robert Chambers in January 2013, based on his 2002 book Participatory Workshops: A sourcebook of 21 sets of ideas and activities, which he refers to below as “PW.”

Most of these tips are generic and apply to all types of workshops for learning, and sharing and co-generating knowledge, but in the book there are many others which apply to specific workshop types.

About Participatory Methods

Participatory methods (PMs) include a range of activities with a common thread: enabling ordinary people to play an active and influential part in decisions which affect their lives. This means that people are not just listened to, but also heard; and that their voices shape outcomes.

Researchers, community members, activists and donors all use PMs. Because respect for local knowledge and experience is paramount, the result is interventions that reflect local realities, often leading to better supported and longer lasting social change.

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